Gaya Patal: The Face Of Indian Porn

What would be an Indian porn site be without having the famous Gaya Patal featured on it? I say, every porn site that specializes on Indian women ought to feature this fine tasty example of exotic Indian beauty. If anything, Gaya is the face of Indian women in porn, if I may do say so myself. Anyway, for one thing, Gaya Patal really enjoys having something to poke her twat hole with, as you can see in this short video I posted below. Man, looking at her poking and rubbing her soft brown twat with that chrome dildo sure does give me an appetite for some Asian pussy. If watching Gaya playing with herself isn’t your cup of tea and you’d rather see her in real hardcore action, then don’t fret, you find some more videos and even some full-length movies by clicking here! Enjoy!

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